How to Train Your Dog with Good Manners  

Our dogs are our best friend and as much as possible, we want them to learn the right manners in and out our living spaces. Fortunately, in this article, you can be able to learn some tips on how to train your dog in and out of the house, how to deal with separation anxiety, as well as how to teach them good manners at all times.  

Train Your Dog 

House Training  

When your dog does go to the restroom in your house, do not punish him as it will not totally help, chances are it will only worsen his attitude. You can interrupt him the moment you catch them on the act, as well as take him outside the house right away to finish his business. Clean up the indoors of your house well and thoroughly remove all traces of scent in order to prevent your living space from becoming his regular potty area.  

Separation Anxiety 

You just leave your puppy at home alone and now you wonder what kind of alien possessed him. This is because he eats or chews things that he should not, goes to the bathroom indoors, howls or barks, clawing, jumping, or even tries to escape through digging. But, if your dog does these things as well when you are at home, then there is probably another reason why he is doing it. Your certified dog trainer or a reputable and professional veterinarian can certainly be able to help you work through these certain problems in his attitude. If you want to know more about it, contact jamesrod214 

One most ideal way to get rid of this attitude with your dog is to practice. Try going into another room right behind a closed door for a short time. After that, come back as well as praise your dog for his good behavior. You can also work your way up to forty minutes over several weeks. This is actually the time frame when most responses related to anxiety take pace. The moment your dog can be able to handle ninety minutes away from you, then it is probably safe to leave him at home for four to eight hours.  

Good Manners 

Even though you might really enjoy it when your pal greets you with a very big kiss, it is much better that you teach him that he will only get treats and attention from newcomers the moment he sits down. Furthermore, if your dog jumps up the moment you walk in the door, you can simply ignore him as well as go back outside until he will stay properly seated.  

Furthermore, dogs that do not play gently can also be dangerous, most especially to little kids or even people who are not fully used to them. You can also teach your furry friend that biting is not acceptable at home. The moment his teeth touches your skin, try to yell out like you are in pain as well as leave the room for several minutes. This will show that biting will stop your playtime and certainly, no dog will want that.   

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